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explore our building by booking a tour

Daily tours occur at the top of over hour, i.e. 5:00PM, 6:00PM, etc. You do not have to book a tour in advance if you are looking to participate in a daily tour. See specifications below:

  • FACILITY: Daily tours are given of the UREC building
  • FORM: Must fill out a form at the Front Desk
  • GUIDE: UREC Student or Professional Staff Member
  • DURATION: 10 - 15 minutes
  • VIEW: Visit all 5 floors.
  • SIZE: Limited to 10 people

If you are interested in a tour, but your group size or time does not match the daily tour specifications, you may complete a special request tour form below. Examples of special requests are below:

  • FACILITY: Tours of other facilities like Belk, NRFC, etc.
  • EVENT: Special events on campus that would like to include a tour
  • GUIDE: including a non-UREC Student or non-UREC Staff Member
  • DURATION: Longer than 15 minutes
  • SIZE: Larger than 10 people

*form at the bottom of our page

Virtual Tour

Check out our virtual tour video below!


Special Request Tour Form