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Students Against Melanoma

Why Sunscreen Dispensers?

Melanoma is the #1 diagnosed and fastest-growing cancer in the US with 4.9 million people diagnosed with skin cancer each year in the US. Despite statistics like these, skin cancer is easily preventable with the application of sunscreen as well as by staying out of the sun and wearing protective clothing. With the installation of sunscreen dispensers at UREC's outdoor pool and surrounding areas, students can now have access to free sunscreen that allows them to take one step further to protect their skin from the sun's harmful rays. 

What is Students Against Melanoma at UNC Charlotte?

Students Against Melanoma is a student organization at UNCC dedicated to the betterment of individuals with Melanoma through fundraising raised for skin cancer research, educating and raising awareness on skin cancer, through informative sessions & community service. As one of the multiple SAM club's started by the Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation, our mission is to save lives through education about the prevention and early detection of skin cancer, especially Melanoma. Learn more about Students Against Melanoma!