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First task force was created concerning recreational facilities, including the participation of consultants from NIRSA.


Chancellor Dubois stated a need to expand recreational facilities.


Committee was created and charged with researching campus climate, student interest, and spacial needs.


Brailsford and Dunleavy conduct study and present need for a dedicated recreation center to Chancellor's Cabinet.

March, 2014:

Focus groups were held to gauge student perspective and response to the idea of a new recreation center on campus. 

October, 2014:

The idea of a new recreation center was presented to the Board of Trustees at the Chancellor’s retreat.

March, 2015:

Visit by the Board of Governors.

April, 2015:

Advanced planning of a new recreation center was approved by the Board of Trustees. Plan to send proposal to Board of Governors for approval.

June, 2015:
  • 6/9 Pre-proposal meeting held for potential designers to ask questions about project and visit site.
  • 6/23 Proposal Deadline - all proposals due from designers.
  • 6/29 Design Interviews - 3 finalists selected from 14 proposals to present to new recreation center (HAWC) committee. Comittee consisted of Phil Jones, Donia Schauble, John Fessler, Chris Gilbert, Jim Hoppa, Jeainne Bachtel, and Board of Trustees member - Mary Ann Rouse. Ex-officio member - Jim Walczyk.
July, 2015:

UNC Charlotte team conducts site visits to institutions in Virginia, including: James Madison University, Virginia Commonwealth Universtiy, and Old Dominion University.

August, 2015:

Jenkins Peer Architects and Cannon Design were both selected as designers for the new recreation center, also known as the Health and Wellness Center (HAWC). Conversation is held regarding site of new facility, to be located in the space nex to the Popp Martin Student Union.

September, 2015:

First advanced planning meeting of design team.

January, 2016: 

Initial meeting for Schematic Design Steering Committee.

May, 2016: 

Initial meeting for Design Development Steering Committee.

June, 2016:

Construction Manager at Risk expectations meeting held. Edifice, Inc. hosts meet and greet meeting for stakeholders and team members to establish project goals.

October, 2016: 

Initial meeting for Construction Document Development Steering Committee.

October, 2016 - March, 2017:

Development of construction documents for bids.

April, 2017:

Draft of bid manual sent out for review.

May, 2017:

Pre-bid meeting held for HAWC to explain the project to potential bidders.

June, 2017:
  • 6/8 Bid documents and addendum documents are sent out by Jenkins Peer Architects
  • 6/12 Construction contract is issued, allowing project to proceed
  • 6/22 Initial bid opening for HAWC project
July, 2017:
  • 7/11 Second bid opening for HAWC project to complete packages
  • 7/31 Construction contract and construction of HAWC project begins
    • Edifice, Inc. and Construction Manager at Risk have 700 days from this point to complete project. 
    • Anticipated completion date - June 30, 2019 (excluding weather days, etc.)
August, 2017 - September, 2017:

Students vote on official name of new HAWC building, options included: University Recreation Center (UREC), Center of Recreational Engagement (CORE), and Niner Fitness Center (NFC).

October, 2017:

Results of the student vote are announced - HAWC name is updated to the University Recreation Center (UREC).

January, 2020:

Grand Opening!!