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Time 2 Change Program


Are you looking for something or someone to hold you accountable to create better wellness habits and goals? Join the Time 2 Change Win It Back Challenge! When you register, you will pay $100 - our goal, and your goal, is to gain your money back (and gain some wellness tactics along the way!) by successfully completing the 8 week challenge. Each week, there will be a different topic, challenge, and resources to help you be successful. Topics will range from Mental Health to Physical Activity to Financial Wellness. Join UREC to help you reach your goals!

Program Details

Registration Opens on January 2nd 

Registration Closes on January 26th

Program begins Week of January 30th

This is an 8 week program that highlights one area of wellbeing each week. The majority of the program will take place via Canvas (University Course Management Site) with the occasional in-person meeting with an on-campus expert. Each week will entail information/lecture on the topic, a weekly challenge (with a weekly prize if completed), on and off campus resources related to the topic, and more. During the first week, you will set your habit or goal. If at the end of 8 weeks you complete your goal and/or habit and complete the program, you will get your money back!

What is included in this program:

  • Lecture
  • On and off campus resources
  • Access to subject matter experts
  • Challenges (and prizes!)
  • An in-body scan (optional) to set your physical goals
  • A program and someone holding you accountable!

 Register Here

*Refunds will not be given for this program once payment is made. Please ensure you are ready to participate in this program before completing payment. Refunds will only be given if the 8-week program is completed.*